Materials management for a sustainable future


The District has developed an integrated solid waste management program for the member communities of Dartmouth and New Bedford: recycling, composting and landfill disposal. The keystone is the Crapo Hill Landfill, a state-of-the-art lined facility that opened in 1995, and a 3.4 megawatt power plant fueled by landfill gas. The staff at Crapo Hill always welcomes tour groups; please download the request form if you are interested.




One of the goals of the District is to be a good neighbor by limiting our impact on those who live and work closest to us. Occasionally, the District experiences odor issues associated with landfill operations.  The odors can be a result of a combination of factors, including excessive rainfall, climate, wind direction as well as other factors.

The District is constantly working to reduce odors.  Certain activities might cause temporary odors.  For example, installing gas pipe requires trenches to be excavated in the landfill, which can produce temporary odors.   

Below you will find updates on activities.  You can also send us your email address at  We will email you updates as they are available.

Download the February 2012 Crapo Hill Landfill Odor Update (link to brochure)

ODOR CONTROL ACTIVITIES (updated on March 27, 2015)

Week of April 4, 2015 - No activities are planned that might result in increased odors.  

  • The District will also conduct routine activities to control landfill odors
  • Continue normal operation of the 3.2 megawatt power plant, which is fueled by landfill gas.
  • Minimize the size of the "active area", or the area in the landfill where solid waste is disposed.
  • Install daily cover material over solid waste at the end of each working day.
  • Continue to use "Posi-Shell", a spray applied coating containing a mixture of bentonite and cement.
  • Monitor odor conditions during normal operating hours to determine whether odors are present.
  • On slopes where no landfill activities will occur, additional intermediate cover has been installed and seeded to establish a vegetative layer; the vegetative layer reduces the potential for erosion, creates more stable intermediate cover, and reduces the potential for gas to be released.
  • Immediately cover any odorous loads that might be received. 


If you detect odors you suspect are from the landfill, please report it by calling our 24 hour ODOR HOTLINE at (508) 763-2423 .  The hotline helps us gather information that is important to resolving odor issues.  When calling, please be prepared to provide the following information:

·         the address or specific location the odor was detected;

·         the time the odor was detected;

·         a description of the odor (gas; earthy; rotten eggs; etc.);

·         your preferred method of contact‐email or phone

 It’s helpful if you provide your name, but this information is optional.